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The Success Story Of Under Armour Outlet


The Under Armour Outlet is a prestigious shopping destination owned by Under Armour, an American sports clothing and accessories manufacturing company. Recently, Under Armour has hit news headlines for all the right reasons.  First, under Armour manufactures hi-tech sportswear for professional athletes. However, in 2006 under Armour outlet began offering sports footwear that caught everyone by a surprise.

  • The Unbelievable History Of Under Armour Outlet

More often than not, when you meet a person with a great idea, you know who will make his idea come true and who will not, not because of the idea, but because of the individual. Secondly, great entrepreneurs are born; they are never made. They have a latent characteristic that trains their eyes to see opportunities where other cannot. These are the fundamental statements that capture the history of Under Armour outlet.

Under Armour has been a company that has flown under the radar to become one of the most important companies in the textile industry for sports performance apparel.

In 1996, the giant Under Armour was founded by Kevin plank at the tender age of 23 year. He did not have any prior experience in running a clothing factory, nor did he have any financial muscles, but he had an amazing idea, guts and the determination to make it. He dared multinationals like Reebok, and Adidas that would later bow to his idea.

Plank, a former university of Maryland football team captain, began his business humbly; from his grandmother’s basement in Washington D.C. While playing football in his campus days, plank was tired of changing his sweat soaked t-shirts regularly. Fortunately, he had made a critical observation; his compressions shorts stayed dry. It is this observation that inspired him and that would later grow into a giant clothes manufacturing company.

Plank thought of making sports t-shirts using moisture wicking fabric in order to boost athletic performance. Unfortunately, major companies would soon steal his idea and follow in his footsteps. No sooner had plank started, than his major competitors rolled out their own versions of Under Armour’s moisture wicking t-shirts. How would plank sail through the stiff competition?

Through creative marketing strategies, the first year of operation saw under Armour generate $17,000 in revenue. A year Under Armour Outlet later, plank had $100,000 orders to supply. He found a factory in Ohio to make the t-shirts. Fortunately, people began to take notice of under Armour t-shirts when Oakland raiders quarterback Jeff George featured in the cover page of USA today adorned in an Under Armour mock turtleneck. This front page photo was a blessing in disguise to Plank. First, an equipment manager from Georgia tech ordered for 10 shirts. This deal would later open the door to a contract with North Carolina State.

Under Armour t-shirts attracted positive reviews from renowned players, thus, increasing orders enormously. But it was not until 1998 that under Armour made a profit. On the other hand, Plank put himself on a payroll 9 years after starting the company. Later, under Armour would grow into a multimillion company with under Armour outlet all over the world. Plank’s is a story of perseverance, courage and patience.

Today, Baltimore, Maryland hosts under Armours global headquarters. Under Armour’s Europe headquarters in located in Amsterdam Olympic stadium. Moreover, under Armour has spread its wings and it has outlets in Guangzhou, Toronto, Hong Kong and Denver. In the United States of America, under Armours outlets are located at Westfield Fox Valley in Aurora, Illinois, Westfield Annapolis mall in Annapolis, Maryland. Additionally, under Armour has opened dozens of stores and outlets in 34 states. However, the largest under Armour mall is under construction at its Tide Point headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and its completion is scheduled for the year 2014.

  • How to Get Discounts At Under Armour Outlet

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  • The Future Of Under Armour Outlets

Under Armours future is bright. In 15 years, it has hit the billion dollar mark. With financial muscles, its CEO, Kevin Plank, plans to double its growth by the year 2015. The growth will be boosted by apparel sales all over the globe. Fortunately, under Armour outlet products have a strong appeal in every corner of the world.